YouTube Geekstapo Stomps Poland!

The bigot left stasi-style censorship exercisèd by YouTube against dissenters from Big Tech’s version of what goes on in our world…..

Google’s YouTube Promotes Race-Hate – BBC Censors Story! 

Borderless’ – The Film YouTube’s Geekstapo Won’t Let You Watch! 

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…has been noted here often enough, but now another example…




…a jackboot stomp on Polish media !

All the visions and dreams of the communists that they couldn’t realize until now, can now be pursued with the assistance of big corporations, Big Tech, and Big Data money…”

So said the editor thus victimised.

The suppression of a story about Bill Gates is a particularly glaring example of censorship…

…given Gates is very much an icon of the Big Tech oligarchy that usurps our right to make up our own minds after hearing both sides of the story.

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Chief editor of Polish TV channel blocked by YouTube: Big Tech realizing communist dream