A Meat-Hater’s Maniacal Grin…

Would you say that’s a maniacal grin…


Sandrine Rousseau 20210819 (cropped).jpg

Sandrine Rousseau

….on the face of Sandrine Rousseau, the French Green MP, who has sparked national debate over claims barbecued red meat is macho | France | The Guardian

Hogwash…if it has any meaning at all…

In fact, I am not at all partial to red meat.

I like my steak, burgers, ribs etc VERY well done.

But I love meat in general..



Meat, glorious meat, which I’ve been defending since long before I posted on the subject…

…TEN years ago!

But I see no value in bandying words with an obscure pinkolette…



..because the real enemy is the old enemy…

The United Nations intergovernmental panel on climate change….


devoted a chapter this year to its climate solutions report to stress how consumers could drastically reduce global emissions.

It also singled out shifting to a plant-based diet instead of meat as one of the most effective changes individuals could make.

The UN can be a wearisome nag, but only if we let it.

Sensible sovereign governments should ignore the nagging.

Incidentally, whilst the UN can wax repetitive on wokey themes, how about things that really matter, like the evils perpetrated by Adolf Xi.

The damning report on his red nazi regime will soon be left to gather dust on a UN shelf, NO sanctions, NO international court summons…

For the crimes of Xi are surely insignificant, compared to meat-eating, oh..and going on holiday.

‘…the biggest potential for avoidance was in reducing long-haul flights.’ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/aug/30/french-mp-sparks-national-debate-over-claims-barbecued-red-meat-is-macho