Red Nazis = ‘Rabid Banshees!’ Grand Way With Words!

I see there’s been another outbreak of Red Nazi mayhem, this time at the University of New Mexico…

…violent far-left scum ‘students’ preventing normal young people getting a chance to hear a sensible speaker, a lovely lady named Tomi Lahren.


  • .I’m not over familiar with the lady, whose pearls of wisdom were thus uncast due to marxist boot-boy swine….

  • .


..but she certainly has a way with words, if the quote is accurate.

 Tomi Lahren


 “Unfortunately the University of New Mexico doesn’t seem to care, not only about my safety, but about the safety of their own students, and left us all barricaded in a room with basically rabid banshee animals trying to bust down the doors to get to us…”

Rabid Banshee Animals!

Sums up Antifa perfectly!

Especially if you know what the word means to folks here in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, by way of contrast, the word banci (same pronunciation) refers to a cross-dressing freak


Hasil gambar untuk banci


often engaged in what is these days known as commercial sex!

Google – Feminist Banshees Wail For Dissenter’s Doom!