Better To Hang That Sectarian Sleaze-Bag!

Interesting, in among the usual stuff about ‘mental health…’

…as if anyone who thinks killing people for ‘religious’ reasons like ‘blasphemy’ or ‘heresy’ or ‘apostasy’ is other than mentally perverted…


…we read that the ISIS slut who just got nine years in Switzerland also had another career as a prostitute!


Prosecutors say that the woman “intentionally” tried to slit the throats of two women in a department store in the city.

During the attack, she is accused of shouting “Allahu Akbar” and proclaiming her support for the so-called Islamic State (IS) group.

The she-devil showed no remorse whatsoever during the trial….


…insisting instead she’d try harder next time if she had the opportunity.

Now the poor Swiss tax-payers will have the sow as an additional drain on the public purse for 9 years, though with the possibility of parole etc , who knows, maybe just 5 years, or less!

Terrorism should be a capital offence!

Far better to put the slag up against a wall…



…or just hang her.