Fake ‘Refugees’ Leech Off Swedes, Holiday In ‘Harsh’ Homelands!

They are disgusting, these fake ‘refugees,’ who come into civilised countries one hand outstretched for freebies, the other clinging to alien countries they claim were too harsh to live in.

A survey conducted by polling firm Novus on behalf of the Swedish online newspaper Bulletin revealed that 79 percent of refugees who claim to be fleeing war or persecution have voluntarily returned to their home country since making the trip to Sweden.



According to the survey, they do not wish, however, to return home permanently.

When asked whether they plan to permanently return to their country of birth in the future, just 2 percent say they do, while 16 percent say maybe…

We saw it with a lot of those Tamils in Canada….

Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 


Toronto traffic chaos, thanks to Tamil ingrates


…dastardly ingrates of the worst kind, making life hell for decent Canadians, and now we have an update (not the first one!) about low-life leeches in Sweden…




…and must hope the influence of the patriot party….

Hasil gambar untuk sweden democrats

…on the new coalition will get something done about this scandal.

But Canada did little or nothing about those Tamil fakers, so I won’t be holding my breath about Sweden.