ABC’s Large Pale Blonde Guest?

Having viewed the royal remembrance ceremony held at Canberra  – and the repulsive scenes on the news afterwards, where Lousy Lidia…

Far-Left Shrew-Senator Throws Tantrum! 

Senator Lidia Thorpe gestures during a division in the Senate on February 22, 2021 in Canberra, Australia.
Senator Lidia Thorpe

Obscenity’ Thorpe, Green Grot Extraordinaire! 

….had travelled to frolic with other disloyal Aboriigines…

Green Senator Lidia Thorpe claims Australia is still ‘at WAR’ against Aboriginal people – as she prepares to attend ‘end the monarchy’ protest

…we then got a plug for a programme called ‘One Plus One,’ due later, but I decided not to tune in.


The preview made it pointless!

One Plus One?

One-sided prattle ..


Maybe a better idea for the Oz Bias  Channel to have two guests, differing views…

…rather than their fawning host, a geezer named Kearney, or was it Fearnley, nodding and smiling as a large, rather pallid, blonde-haired, female ‘human rights’ lawyer…



….mouthed off about how Australians ought to vote for racialising their constitution, in The Vole’s ‘Voice’ referendum.

Oh, sure, Fearnley, or Kearney, whatever his name is, may some other day host a critic of the measure, maybe….

…but will he fawn and smile so charmingly, smarmingly?