Le Muppet Apes Le Merde – Out To Ruin Rural France!

It was quite a few years ago….

In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Orde

…that France was subjected to the Hollande regime’s brutal scheme to impose alienisation on small towns and villages….



…a monstrous diktat which we now recall, though many French people may prefer to forget how bad he was…

Hollande Finally To Face The Wrath of Calais?

Whose Side Is Francois Hollande On?

….but to transport primitives out of Calais to distant parts of France?

With no democratic consultation allowed among the French folk whose lives thus faced disruption?

Now le Muppet has seemingly resurrected this madness…




..no doubt to the delight of his malevolent old mentor….


…but how will French patriots react?

Here’s a very readable Remix rreport, which offers astute and comprehensive analysis.


Macron pushes to send migrants to French countryside, labels plan an ‘opportunity’ during ‘demographic transition’