Oxoniental Obeisance…Stinks!

We have had to express disapproval, disappointment….

Poor Little Bronwen!

Cambridge – Clare College’s Crawling Creeps 

… dismay even, about odd goings on at Cambridge University recently, but now the other half of the famous Oxbridge concept…

Wot Next? Oxbridge Obliterated? Project Fear Gets Nuttier! 

…..which we once revered, is showing serious signs of senile decay..


A review found the term ‘oriental studies’ to be outdated and many considered it ‘inappropriate….’


Oxford has renamed its Oriental Institute the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Oh, that issue of what’s ‘inappropriate’ again?

Pathetic, really, and the more you read, the more depressing this woko-loco appeasement turns out to be…


…esp. the admission that the name-change won’t mean any change in what they ‘research and teach.’

So why fix something that ain’t broke?

“...unfortunate connotations” of colonialism and imperialism…

In other words, prejudice against the greatest force for good ever known, the British Empire.



…and other western empires.

”Oriental’ just means Eastern, as ‘Occidental’ means Western.

Why did it take ‘an 18-month consultation with students, department members and other interested parties‘ to deem these two perfectly good words…


…or maybe only one of them, ‘outdated?’

Incidentally, that word ‘Oxoniental’ in my headline? It’s an instant derivation from ‘oxoniensis,’ that Latin adjective tgat Oxford uses.

Mea culpa, if it’s inaccurate!

Why involve students at all? Organ-grinder handing control to monkeys?



Who were the ‘interested parties?’

Sticky-beak BLM-style agitprop outfits?

Appeasement by academics stinks as foully as appeasement anywhere!

Tell them what you think!

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Pusey Lane
Oxford, OX1 2LE
Tel. +44 (0) 1865 278200
Fax +44 (0) 1865 278190

. Its headquarters, known as the Oriental Institute since 1960, has also changed its name.

But not yet its email address!