Does Ghastly Gwenda Have A Real Job?

So, does anybody know whether Ghastly Gwenda has a real job?

Or is she a full-time snarly whiner, as the Telegraph report suggests.

According to Gwenda Stanley, 49-year-old activist of the Indigenous Gomeroi people….

“The monarch is nothing to mourn about, it is something if anything for our people to rejoice…”

What a crass cow!

But what we are not told in the sloppily slanted paragraphs that follow is whether she has a real job or is she one of the multitude of self-styled ‘activists….’

…who spend their time moaning, for example about the fact that the high incidence of crime among Aboriginal ‘youth…’



…results in a higher proportion of’ Aboriginal ‘youth’ being incarcerated.


After all, you can be energetic and vociferous for your causes and still hold down a real job – I’ve managed that throughout my working life.


In fact, the only ‘reporter’ named, a certain Marcus Parekh (collaborating with ‘Foreign News staff’)….


Marcus Parekh


…sounds like an activist himself, viz.

The arrival of British settlers in 1788 signalled the start of two centuries of discrimination and oppression of Indigenous Australians who have inhabited the land for an estimated 65,000 years.

Parekh should brush up on world history, which is all about the migrations of peoples over land and sea.

Not a word about the bright, advanced, prosperous country…



..that’s entirely due to the people who settled there from those first British landings onwards.



Were it not for them, there would be NO Australia for professional agitators and pinko hacks to prowl in.

PS…Rather than rely on the Telegraph  I checked up on Ghastly Gwenda myself.

Aboriginal Tent Embassy Caretaker counters Uluru Statement on Q&A

Gwenda stanley

Grotbag Gwenda, star of ABC, seems to be a fairly full-time agitator indeed.


PPS, the usual question, to all the snotty rich Oz wokos, with lush properties overlooking Sydney Harbour etc…


…what will they do in response to a another typical whine…

.”We demand that they return those lands to the traditional owners.”

…from another typical ‘activist?’