Feel Sorry For These Anti-Social ‘Climateers?’

You read the headline…

UK climate activists held in jail for up to six months before trial

Guess which newspaper?


…and then – way, way, down the page…

..even the Guardian has to face the ugly truth about these arrogant anti-social scum who scorn democracy.

Smith admits he is not an entirely innocent victim. He has been arrested 24 times at protests in less than a year and has refused to commit to giving up demonstrating.

And there’s a female rat-bag…

– a ‘former teacher,’ surprise, surprise!-

…just as indifferent to democracy as the male, whining that she can’t win the arguments she has with her poor MP etc., so she turns her back on the constitutional processes the rest of us follow..

Lancaster has also been arrested more than 20 times and is facing charges that she knows could lead to her losing her freedom.

Remember the lawless “Climate” louts…….

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…workers who only wanted to get to work?

Altogether now…

Throw Away The Key!