Talk Only To Those You Agree With?

The sheer fanatical intolerance and/or utter lack of confidence in their ability to defend their position, long the twin hallmarks of the pro-transfreakers…..


..could hardly be displayed more clearly than in this latest report on a pro-tranny man from Virgin Radio, who caught criticism for being ready to talk to  J K Rowling.

Rowling at the White House in 2010

JK Rowling

Speaking to The Times, Norton said not interviewing people because you disagree with them “feels wrong“.

Good grief.

The interviews that viewers notice are with people with whom the iinterviewer disagrees.


Unless you’re monitoring BBC bias, trying to keep track of how many times UK Pravda invites ‘experts’ carefully chosen…

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….so the leftist hacks can act as cheer-leaders for their ‘comrade guests!’


I know nothing about this Mr. Graham Norton, but I strongly recommend he goes with his gut feeling.

Why on earth, if he’s a real journalist, would he NOT want to match his verbal jousting skills against a feisty opponent like JKR?