Be Fair…Just Don’t Present Both Sides!

Much ado about media bias,  revolving around the alleged clean-up of CNN…

.( though the delousing can hardly be said to be thorough..

Foul-Mouth! Bitter Lemon OTW Out? 

Don Lemon at the 2018 Pulitzer Prizes.jpg

Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon

CNN’s Far-Left Lemon Wants To ‘De-Program’ Voters He Dislikes! ..

….while the foul-mouthed far-left queer Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon remains undismissed)

…but it ain’t only CNN that’s infested.

Nor is it only media Beyond the Pond, not until the Guardian stops using bigot left intolerants like Nick Cohen…

Guardian Jackboot Bigot Calls Brexit Brits “Thugs!=

Guardian’s Nick ‘Storm-Troop’ Cohen.

Guardian Bigot- “Don’t Even Acknowledge Patriot Point Of View!

…and the BBC is purged of propagandists.

But meanwhile…

Get this..

Pushing for fairness and completeness in journalism as well as fewer ‘hot takes’ is never a bad idea.

But that’s not the same as making sure you present both sides. 

That’s from a pinko berk named Jones, …

CNN ‘hewing toward the center’ is not necessarily good for our democracy

…rebuking the Chicago Tribune for not being intolerant enough of those they disagree with.

Fed up with an Enemy Within masquerading as ‘journalists?’



Me too!