Buona Fortuna, Giorgia Bellissima!

Big day tomorrow, with all the signs indicating that Italians will vote for the grand alliance led by the splendid Giorgia Meloni, of whom we have often written enthusiastically.

Bet Giorgia Meloni Won’t Be On That BBC List! 

As Draghi Totters, Giorgia’s On My Mind! 

Numerous leftist sources, resigned to seeing a major European country fall democratically into patriot hands…

…have been whistling in the dark, saying the the EUSSR will use the cash jackboot to stomp Ms. Meloni if she takes sensible steps…


…but I prefer to be patient, and expect immediate action only on the crimmigrant issue.

Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy party, wants the Italian navy to blockade the north African coast so that all migrants can be screened before leaving to ascertain whether they are genuine refugees.

Those who can prove their refugee status should be allowed through, Meloni said, while those who cannot should be sent home. https://libyaupdate.com/italian-leadership-nominee-calls-for-blockade-on-libya-to-stop-migrants/



Buona Fortuna, Bellissima!