Oh, Well…Malpass CLEARLY Has To Go!

Thanu Yakupitiyage, a spokesperson for 350.org, an anti-fossil fuel climate advocacy group has summed it up for all of us!

“He has to go,” Yakupitiyage said.

Well, good enough for me, if a nobody I bet you’ve never heard of either…


…says time’s up for the World Bank President David Malpass, out Malpass must go…


I’ve no interest in defending Malpass, but I do object to purportedly serious media quoting nonenties in a matter of some significance.

But hold on there.

We’ve just gotta listen to that cute little lesbian, Karine Jean-Pierre…


Karine Jean-Pierre, the new White House press secretary, was born in the Caribbean to Haitian parents who lived paycheck to paycheck after immigrating to New York City.

(a pretty wee thing – what a waste she’s a lesbian!)


…who gets paid a colossal salary to speak to the media on behalf of The Dotard…


…a very necessary job, considering how the old clown makes such an ass of himself so frequently…

Cutie-Pie Karine ‘criticized Malpass and the bank — and would not say whether President Biden retains confidence in Malpass’ leadership.’

“We disagree with the comments made by President Malpass,” Jean-Pierre told reporters.

But what did Malpass say?



Did he denounce the Climate Panic crowd in no uncertain terms?

Did he dare to tell the media to report fairly…

…to give both sides of the argument?


Asked ‘whether he believes that greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are causing climate change…’

Malpass answered honestly.

“I’m not a scientist.”


I’m amazed the EUSSR hasn’t temporarily suspended its demented campaign against the death penalty.