Fridays For Red Rats & Smug Brats

Self-Indulgent Truant In Korea.’

That was my original plan for a headline, but the more I read of the Guardian’s smarmy report, and not wishing to repeat previous wordings…

Spoilt Oz Brats Parading Irresponsibility

Brats Demonstrate…Their Ill-Disciplined Irresponsibility! 

….the better I thought of that idea.

Why focus on one uppity child?


One day, it could be my house that gets flooded,” said 15-year-old Park Chae-yun, one of about 200 protesting in Seoul, South Korea.

“I’m living with a sense of crisis, so I think it is more important to deliver my concerns to the government to take preventive measures rather than going to school.”

Sad, such an uncaring little thing, using any silly excuse –


‘…a sense of crisis‘ at age 15?


– to skip school.


She and the rest of the brats who did so, if they had any genuine commitment, they’d use their own free weekend time to relieve teen hang-ups…



…not go walk-about when they might actually be where they should be, learning.

Being in South Korea, in the free half of that divided country…


…the silly girl could learn a lot, also, from the many Koreans who chose freedom and escaped from the marxist North.

People who really do understand what marxism is all about…



…will certaimly recognise it when they read the hogwash on the ‘Fridays For Future’ website:

Colonisers and capitalists are at the core of every system….”


Yup, red rot, instantly recognisable, and on it rants.

‘    every system of oppression that has caused the climate crisis, and decolonisation, using the tool of climate reparations, is the best kind of climate action.”

Oh, yeah, ‘reparations,’ the moochers’ latest buzz-word!


‘Best kind of climate action?’

Carry a brolly!