Freak Diktat ‘Review?’ Hope For Schools After Fightback!

We have kept an eye on this case for quite a while…

TranStasi Schooling – UK Court To Rule? 

..most recently reminding you of the evil that Cornwall inflicted on normal families in February.

Now we have an update!

Parents force review of school trans guidance

Nigel and Sally Rowe raised concerns with their son’s school
Nigel and Sally Rowe

The report tells us that ‘Ministers are to review ‘contentious guidelines’ after an out-of-court settlement.

It also reminds us of the wickedness of those Cornwall councillors…



…. and their pro-freak diktats, ‘which advise that schools create gender-neutral lavatories and allow pupils to wear clothes “they feel are reflective of their gender identity, rather than their biological sex”.

These asinine, abominable ‘guidelines’ have been polluting English education since 2012 and need to be erased rapidly..