Confronted, Sussex Creep-Cops Crawl!

We have known for some time that Sussex Police are a flawed constabulary…

…so a joy to see them back-pedal after Suella slapped them down.

The Home Secretary told off the pinko plods for “policing pronouns” after it said it would not tolerate hateful comments about a child sex offender’s gender identity.


Suella Braverman intervened after a row erupted about jailed Sally Ann Dixon.


Suella Braverman, a Home Secretary who understands the evil forces at work! Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 


 “Sussex Police have done well to put a dangerous criminal behind bars.

“But they’ve got it wrong by playing identity politics and denying biology. Focus on catching criminals not policing pronouns. #commonsensepolicing

Dixon had committed the crimes as a man, and some Twitter users objected to police referring to Dixon as a woman.

.Quite right!

The filthy freak can call itself what it wants, but cops should not aid and abet its denial of fact  …

Sally Ann DixonJohn Stephen Dixon, 58  jailed for 20 years? Hanging would be better!
The force apologised and deleted the tweet.

But more needs to be done.

The sleazy gaystapoids who concocted those nasty threats must be named, shamed and fired.


Menacing decent Brits is NOT acceptable.