PayPal Wolverines Back Off – But Remain Rabid!


“I won’t be using PayPal again, at least not until it reinstates all the other people and organisations whose accounts it has closed for political reasons and agrees never to cancel anyone’s accounts for purely political reasons again..

Words we need to hear from everyone…

…and great to read about the intervention of Jacob Rees-Mogg – and 40 or more MPs, who correctly identified the global gargoyle business’s war on freedom…

PayPal Panders To Perverts Again? ‘orchestrated, politically motivated’ abuse of its commercial clout.

I urged good people never to use PayPal after the American payments company lined up against decency six years ago.

BBC Bias On Freako “Rights!”- Let’s Boycott PayPal

…and this current tactical retreat does not mean it’s changed since then.

It’s unrepentant, remains free speech’s foe…


…suppression of dissent clearly still the strategy of the leftist American slug quoted.

He continues to rant in pompous mode about how freedom of expression’s limits must depend on whether whiney ‘minorities…’

– aka sexual maladjusts – get sweatily fretty.


PayPal has backed off…

…but the woko-wolverines have been savaging good causes for years and refuse to repudiate their policy of intolerance.