Primark Pays The Price Of Pandering

In any other circumstances, my first words on this might have been sympathy for the woman in the Primark changing room, who, not once but twice, was subjected to intrusion by dirty brutes.

But read this extract from her response.

“. I was just in Primark in Cambridge and I was trying on some clothes and it was a unisex changing room – which, I’m all for and I love that because it makes everyone feel included…”

Doesn’t that woman’s weird wokish warbling make you want to chunder?

Why should ‘everyone feel included?’

Normal men are perfectly happy to use a male changing room!

Any ‘men’ who aren’t?

They deserve at best a padded cell..


…or, in a healthy society, which Britain currently is NOT…

…a sound thrashing!

As for Primark….


A Primark shopper has detailed her experience in the unisex changing room of the retailer's Cambridge store. (Getty Images)

…it sounds like this incident isn’t the first of its kind, but only now the management is talking about a ‘review?’

Boycott makes sense, till they scrap their offensive unisex facilities.

In case you missed the story, here…

Primark to review unisex changing rooms policy after two men walk in on woman at Cambridge store | ITV News Anglia