Poisoning The Minds Of ‘Army Brats!’

‘Army Brats’ is common slang for the children of serving soldiers, who have little choice in where to go to school, depending where their dads, or moms, are based.

Now we learn that The Dotard’s flunkeys are exploiting this to poison young minds…


..not just army brats, but navy brats too.

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.”..You can talk about LGBTQ+ things in elementary school,” she says. “It’s actually the ideal time. Kids as young as 4 years old are already starting to develop a stable understanding of their gender identity.

“So elementary school is the perfect time because you can really show students the diversity of gender expression and gender activity.”

That a ‘seventh-grade humanities teacher’ named Genevieve Chavez. ‘

Naval station Rota Spain logo.png

Chavez was teaching at David Glasgow Farragut Middle/High School in Rota, Spain, which serves the nearby U.S. naval base.

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..and start to…



So it’s outrageous?

Yes, but a lot worse than we might think.

Deeply entrenched..

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