September 30…1965 Revisited!

Tonight we get to watch that film again.

Djakarta 1966’ – Complex Film, Lovely Scenes! 

..and it’s worth watching, because the past is never irrelevant to the present!

G30/PKI? Today’s Marxist Threat Is CRT!


Poster Film Djakarta 1966

It’s the story of the aftermath of the attempted 1965  Red take-over of Indonesia…

…how President Soekarno was eased out of power and effectively exiled to his palace in Bogor, outside Jakarta.


Sukarno ( many spellings were changed – like Dj/Jakarta)


He had tied himself too closely to the treasonous PKI, so despite his popularity (for his role in the struggle against the Dutch) the serious anti-communists figured he’d have to go.
Unless you’re fascinated by modern history, you’d maybe not sit in thrall throughout the film. 

Funds for Demo

…but I see no reason not to watch it once more…



G30S/PKI – At Lubang Buaya, A Prayer Of Thanks 

As everyone here in Jakarta knows, September 30th is the anniversary of the PKI (Communist Party of Indonesia) attempt to seize power and plunge Indonesia into a marxist nightmare.

….nor to ignore this anniversary,  so here we go, above and below, with some good old headlines…

Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds!