Ever Read Such Pretentious Piffle?

I’m not blaming the book or its author, because she didn’t pen this gobble-de-gook!

…the BookTok sensation that melds dark academia with a post-colonial critique

A composite of four #BookTok reviewers reviewing the book Babel by R. F. Kuang. From left to right, TikTok user kevintnorman, mxkanteven, erynsarchive and retoldbyrebecca.

..melds dark academia with a post-colonial critique…?

Plain English, please!

Set at Oxford in the 1800s, Rebecca F Kuang’s new novel is a magic-infused allegory for structural oppression – and social media can’t get enough of it



magic-infused allegory for structural oppression  .?

The dork reviewer in the Guardian urgently needs to go cold turkey –


…skip ‘social media’ infested with her think-alikes…

-if she wants to break the grip of pretentious verbal diarrhoea.

Oh, and since I came across that…

…a week or more ago, how about THIS…

Academic meritocracy is not academic fairness…



Traditional metrics neglect the systematic barriers faced by individuals with various oppressed axes of identity, says Shan-Jan Sarah Liu.. https://www.timeshighereducation.com/blog/academic-meritocracy-not-academic-fairness