‘Mermaid’ Freako Scandal – BBC Cover-Up?

Last week ( 29/9 ) I ended a piece about the pro-freak ‘charity’ that calls itself ‘Mermaids…’

….by making a point I thought was entirely reasonable.

PS . Just watched BBC news…

not a word about this!

‘Charity Commission?’ Call The Damn Cops!

…a fair point, because the BBC is notoriously infested with freaks.

Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers.

But now, in the interests of fairness, I have to report that UK Pravda has indeed covered the story..

.(on its website – don’t know if they broadcast it)

…as below.

Transgender charity Mermaids under investigation

It’s a very, how best to put it, reserved report, admitting that the revelations were due to ‘an investigation by The Telegraph into the availability of chest binders to children via the charity without parental consent…’ 

Though it often likes to yap about its own ‘investigative’ prowess (today they’re broadcasting an ‘investigative’ report on BP activity in the Middle East) the tax-funded broadcaster seems more than content to let other media investigate this outrageous story.

Pathetically, the BBC allows itself to be fobbed off with a dismissive response from the freak-show ‘charity’ – a claim that Mermaids ‘provided binders with “comprehensive safety guidance” from its staff… https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-63081644

As to the truth or otherwise of the most serious allegation, on ‘parental consent….’

….the ‘charity’ has arrogantly refused to own up or deny.

They will, they condescendingly assert, reply to the Charity Commission in “due course” but that it will not be commenting further at this stage.


BBC must have extensive sources within ‘Mermaids’ -since the UK Pravda channel is not shy about its own sexually maladjusted staff.

Time they got down to some serious work.