Abolish NSW? Next Target For Oz Wokos?

We noted the woke-war on UK gardens a while ago….

Will Bojo Guard Gardens Against Ex-BBC Left Hack? 

…in particular that an erstwhile BBC flunkey had somehow got into a position of influence…


…and now we learn that the ‘decolonisation’ drivel, having already spread to Australia…

A statue of Captain Cook at Catani Gardens in St Kilda has been vandalised with red paint.
Statue of Captain Cook vandalised by scumbag leftists

…is escalating, with an outburst of typical woko-wittering in ( of course) the Guardian, courtesy of Dr Brett Summerell, ‘chief scientist’ at the Australian Institute of Botanical Science.


Summerell, Brett Anthony


You can email him, if you like.

But while Summerell’s rant about how ‘the names of effectively all Australian plants were defined by white – primarily male – botanists…”


( does the uptight boffin not think that of course the plants were ‘defined’ thus because the ‘white -primarily male peoples had long since developed written language, unlike the Aborigines?)

…is merely predictable pinko prattling….


…what comes next is a bilious, but rather ominous, leftist belch indeed, not about plants…

Flag of New South Wales

…but about the name of Australia’s most historic state!.

” …documenting the floral biodiversity of New South Wales (in itself a name reflecting the perspective of those holding power).

Aw, for God’s Sakes!

Why do these people always fall back on cultural marxist gobble-de-gook!

Summerell knows tons about rot  – his University of Sydney thesis was entitled ‘Wheat Stubble Decomposition and Stubble-Borne Diseases…’

So perhaps we should expect no less.

But my readers in Australia, in NSW and in other states, like Queensland and Tasmania, states whose names no doubt also provoke tantrums among backward undesirables…



…should maybe get prepared for a new onslaught on their cultural heritage..



…the heritage without which there’d be no Australia, only a wilderness.