Eire’s Expansionists Ignore Cost In Blood & Fire

Were I a citizen of Ukraine, or Tibet, or any country unfortunate enough to have a neighbour-state that denies my people’s right to self-determination…

… …

…the last thing on my mind would be money.



Calculations of the value of my nation’s right to exist, or to be absorbed by an alien republic…


…whether in pounds or euros, would seem almost obscene.

Not so the expansionist lobby whose hubris extends to calling itself “Ireland’s Future!”

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Irish unification would cost €4bn a year not €10bn – research finds

As if that matters!

Ireland’s Future document says true cost of unification not Earth-shattering in context of Government spending  

As if that matters.

Who do these arrogant upstarts think they are?


Would they restore slavery…

..if it seemed economically promising?

Are there any rights or freedoms on which the despicables of “Ireland’s Future” would NOT stick a price-tag?



But if they want to work out the cost of swallowing up a small, brave nation…

….let those pompous asses assembled in Eire’s capital city last weekend contemplate the potential cost in blood and treasure…



…of massive resistance, prolonged guerilla warfare, of fiery cross-border sabotage raids, exacting overdue retribution on SF/IRA Green Nazis!

..because Ulster will never go silently into the night.



Some other points from the Irish Times

Only Irish citizens would be allowed to vote in the Republic as happens in all referendums…

Okay, but… 

…but the franchise for a vote in Northern Ireland has not yet been determined.

Obviously, the numerous disloyal dregs in Ulster who have opted to be Eire citizens should be told to go and vote in Eire.

Oh  – and

.The vote should also be extended to EU citizens living in the North, it believes.

Bloody Hell!

I like Greeks and Spaniards and Czechs, etc..

( not all of them!)

…but few Continentals know much, or anything, of Ulster.

It’s also none of their damn business.

Oh, and…

Suggestions that a 50 per cent plus one margin would not be enough are dismissed as “undemocratic and an attempt to frustrate the self-determination provisions”.

Self-determination, again?

There are two distinct nations on the island of Ireland.

Both have a right to live free within their own borders.

All the ‘Troubles’ have arisen because the larger one irrationally demands that the smaller one acquiesce in absorption into a foreign, hostile state.

Oh, and note the arrogance that runs all the way through the IT report –

‘The North?’

Not Ulster? Not even Northern Ireland?