France24, ABC – As Bad As Each Other!

Bolsonaro is ‘far-right’ but Lula is not ‘far-left,’ merely ‘leftist!’

So declared the shrill little news-chick on…

This despIte the hard fact, undeniable in the face of photographic evidence.…

Image result for lula brazil leninLuiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in the eager embrace of Communism

. ..

…that Lula saw no shame to work hand in glove with the totalitarian hypocrites of the Communist Party.



Yes, we made that point last week…

Brazil? Beware Of Red Lula! 

Jair Bolsonaro


…but with regard to the tax-funded left-bigot bias of France24, it’s only fair to say that ABC…



…the Oz Bias Channel, is just as bad, with some haggard bint…


…named Jade McMillan, today, at 8.10am, Jakarta time, displaying EXACTLY the same slanted sludge-think, Bolsonaro ‘far-right,’ with Red Lula not ‘far-left’ but merely ‘left.’

The more these hacks repeat their carefully crafted imprecisions…



…the more casual viewers, unalert to the ways of these channels…



…whose snouts are deep in the tax-trough, will absorb the rotten media’s ideologically motivated determination to avoid fair and balanced election coverage.

We wait to see if ABC produce an antipodean version of F24’s

The Lula Generation!’

…to which there was no balancing ‘Bolsonaro Generation‘ …

….and no point asking why.

Fair and balanced?