BBC ‘Expert’ Disses ‘Nasty’ Bolsonaro!

Lefty Lucy, BBC World News, 5pm yesterday, Jakarta time, whom we have mentioned many a time…

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…must have been delighted with her guest ‘Expert!’

Chatham House used to be regarded as a reputable ‘think-tank….’

( before they were called think-tanks!)

…but recently it seems to be home to leftists of various sorts…Ranting Dotard Endorses Polyamory?….and this geezer, Christopher Sabatini…


Profile of Chris Sabatini, HFX Fellow









Christopher Sabatini


…made his own position in the spectrum pretty clear, pretty quickly, snarling that Brazil’s Bolsonaro was…

nasty‘ and ‘mean…’


Image result for lula brazil leninLuiz Inacio Lula da Silva

Brazil? Beware Of Red Lula

..offering as proof the fact that the rightwing incumbent had called his far-left opponent ‘The Devil!’


Sabatini went on to say that Red Lula had accused Bolsonaro of being ‘possessed by The Devil,’ which the Chatham House chump evidently won’t define as either ‘mean‘ or ‘nasty.’


There’s a run-off in a month.

Fingers crossed Sabatini is disppointed by the outcome.

It’ll be close, but I am ready to bet on one thing.

If Lefty Lucy has another guest, he or she will be biased towards Red Lula, much like the guests…

BBC’s Lefty Lucy Gives Cop-Hate A Platform

…because that’s how UK Pravda operates!

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