How Dare Cops Keep Track Of Illegals!

Wow, shock-horror time again for pinko creeps!

Or so, presumably, thinks the Guardian drone who thought up this headline…

Police taking photos and fingerprints of lone children arriving in UK

….for a long-winded piece about crimmigrant brats…

…as if anybody in their right mind would expect otherwise.

The dangers to decent people in countries such ‘children’ gate-crash are well known.…

Oh, Dear! Another Poor Little ‘Child Migrant?’ 


..and it would be utterlty remiss of the police not to record as much info as possible.

While we find a few red herrings gliding across the page, about 2-year-olds, the real menace, of course, arises from the absurd definition, decreed by officialdom, that young men –

…well past puberty, of military age, capable of violence, rapine, who indeed, were they Scots or Welsh, be entitled to voting rights…

– are somehow ‘children..’

…like this following example, which the twisted minds who run the Guardian appear to imagine ought to command our sympathy! case in June 2022, a 16-year-old Eritrean boy arrived in London from Calais in the back of a lorry.


Some child!

Was he holding his mummy’s hand?

Any sane country would have thrashed the swine then sent him straight back to France.

But get this!

The SOB was well briefed…

He sought help from a youth club for young asylum seekers and refugees called Da’aro.

How did the swine find ‘Da’aro?’


Benny Hunter, a youth worker and migrant rights campaigner, contacted Lambeth council’s social services and asked it to take the exhausted and traumatised boy into care.

And another undeserving parasite snout dipped deep into the UK tax-trough!

Good citizens would call the cops on the crimmigrant!


Opens profile photo

Benny Hunter

Time this Benny Hunter’s name, face and location….

Da’aro Youth Project

c/o Streatham Space Project, Sternhold Avenue, London, SW2 4PA

…were made known to a wider public, some of whom might resent his anti-social antics.

Perhaps the only pleasingly surprising sentence in the Guardian article is that when Hunter approached Lambeth Council…

council officials refused and insisted he was first taken to the police station…