Don’t Cheer Primark Just Yet!

Primark will reintroduce women-only fitting rooms after concerns were raised about combined changing spaces

After last month’s hoo-ha…

Primark Pays The Price Of Pandering 


A Primark shopper has detailed her experience in the unisex changing room of the retailer's Cambridge store. (Getty Images)

…it is tempting to applaud, but let’s not be too quick to cheer.

Are Primark going to make it clear that male transfreaks pretending to be women are NOT permitted….

….to use changing rooms marked for women?

Will signs make it plain that any person in possession of a penis needs to use a men’s changing room…


….even if it’s a mincing freako with make-up caked on its stubble?


The BBC doesn’t properly explain this….


Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers.

…perhaps not surprisingly.