BBC, Twitter….And Sleazy Teachers!

At 3.15pm yesterday, BBC World News reported on the story that Elon Musk might finally be ready to buy Twitter.

We had most of us given up on this over-rated ‘news!’

Their reporter, James Clayton…

…..whose double-standards  BBC Probes Online ‘Hate’ Sales – Ignores Marxist Merchandise .   are not unfamiliar to our readers…

…decided to spin the UK Pravda line on the outcome, that such a change in control would mean ‘less moderation and more Fake-News…’


Twitter’s Cool With Vicious Red Nazis? 


Twitter is NO bastion of True News.

What the BBC berk means by ‘moderation’ is suppression of fact.

We have noticed this in the past…

Twitter Hides Ugly Truths, Again!

….and only last week their vicious pro-pervert prejudices were on show again.


Big Tech Censors Vid Showing Parents Obscene LGBTQ School Materials

…Get More Details Here!

But BBC won’t report that. They prefer to wallow in Muskophobia