BBC’s Boat-Bludger Brats – Beggars Belief!

Where does UK Pravda get preposterous people like Sima Kotecha ( UK Editor, BBC Newsnight….


Sima Kotecha. Pic: Richard Young/ShutterstockSima Kotecha


…who is brazen enough to talk about those tax-funded, hotel-dwelling ‘children…’

.(a ridiculous word to apply not only to real children but also to adults up to EIGHTEEN years old)

….tellng us in all seriousness that..

some are escaping war,..’


Yet there Sima stands, mournfully, on the Channel shore, from which, unsurprisingly, we cannot hear any noises of bombing and/or shelling…


…from the not-so-distant French coast.

There is no ‘war’ in France, whence the Channel crimmigrants, of all ages, obviously set sail to gate-crash Britain.

That BBC bint was thus talking rot.

So 116 ‘children’ have gone ‘missing’ from their freebie ‘asylum’ hotels?

That’s because the doors aren’t locked, of course, the places insecure, the spongers free to come and go.

The alternative is to put them in secure accommodation,’ said some flunkey, ‘and we don’t want to do that.’

Why the HELL not?

They are illegals, who set out to flout the rules by which you and I must abide when we leave the Continent to reach the UK.

…and send ’em back!

Not gonna happen, with Tories in power…



…or Labour – or LibDems.

Time for a fight-back!