BBC Bias! Yalda’s Duet With Turk Leftess

I’d never heard of Elif Shafak, who turned out to be a rabid  leftist Turk…


Elif Shafak


…an  author, would you believe?

BBC bias at its worst, Yalda Hakim the culprit, on UK Pravda’s ‘news’ aka propaganda show, at 9.10pm, last night.

We have noticed her sly style before.

2017 Halifax International Security Forum (38448903816) (cropped)Yalda Hakim.jpg


‘Fascist’ Smear By BBC’s Latest “Guest!’ 

Between her and her newest guest, they quite unconscionably turned the tragic situation in Iran…

Iran – Where People Too Live A Dog’s Life! 

…into a far-left ‘feminist’ – and pro-queer- bias-fest.

Now, if it had only been the terrible Turkess, okay.

She is entitled to her outlandish opinions, though it would have been nice..

(and in accordance with the BBC charter obligation)

…to have somebody on, even briefly, to dissent from her woko-warbling.



But hey, it’s BBC!

However, what is NOT acceptable was Yalda’s opinionated ranting, invoking the USA abortion reform as an example of…

rollbacks and attacks on women…

First, lots of Americans, including many women, don’t see it that way.

Second, any comparison of the legal, constitutional processes in America with the goat-beard despotism in Tehran…



…is simply weird.

Third, if you disagree with my opinion, or anyone’s opinion, or the US Supreme Court’s opinion….



…then you are free to say so,  and express your own opinion, UNLESS….



..UNLESS you’re employed by the tax-funded UK state broadcaster, obligated thereby to deliver news impartially, without inserting your own ideological prejudices.



And Yalda Hakim’s babbling was nothing BUT ideological prejudice!

Hakim’s inability, or more likely disinclination, to interview rather than harmonise was underlined by her failure…

…to challenge the Turk when a serious journalist would have…

…notably when Shafak quite gratuitously expanded her indignation at how women get a bad deal, suddenly to include sexual perverts….


…..’the rights of LBQT minorities.’

At that point, Shafak should have been challenged – told to declare an interest, because,married, with children… , ‘in 2017, Shafak came out as bisexual.’

(that’s from wikipedia)

Shafak and Hakim are also, surely  well aware that the Istanbul Convention is about a lot more than ‘domestic violence!’

But, following what seems to be a BBC guideline on that sleazy pact…

BBC Uses ‘Domestic Violence’ Headline To Hide Truth! 

…Hakim did not choose to speak up when Shafak tried thus to minimise its provisions.