Pinko Puke ‘Offended’ By Fashion Ad? Big Deal!

I’m not familiar with Mr. Ryan Gosling  but I tend to favour anyone who offends pinko drama queens like Robina Qureshi, who runs a ‘migrant charity.’


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Robina Qureshi, director of Positive Action in Housing…oh, and she has demanded that the UK government close ‘asylum’ detention centres!

…….Oh, and she won a best actress award at the 2001….

….so perhaps there’s a certain empathy with the ‘asylum’ seekers who strut their thespian stuff playing the role of ‘refugees from war and persecution’ – except that the country they arrive from, landing on the UK Channel shore, is France, unhappy maybe with Le Muppet Macron, but afflicted by neither war nor persecution!


This Glasgow-based bint has ‘lambasted’ Gosling because he earned honest money by featuring in a ‘Gucci beach advert with “sickening” similarities to the migrant crisis…of the desperate people who drowned, who no one heard of.”


Doesn’t Qureshi understand that crimmigrants who come to grief whilst trying to gate-crash somene else’s country have nobody to blame but themselvesl

Some have described the new Gucci advert featuring Ryan Gosling as 'offensive'
Gosling in the Gucci ad