Stop ‘De-Bonding’ – Leave Scum-Skin On Roads!

I’ll skip those pot-ugly loutesses who attacked the Van Gogh Sun-Flower, no doubt motivated by jealousy….


.Let’s deface more works of art!’


…as it’s very unlikely anybody ever told them they were things of beauty!

But there are more vacuous rat-bags in the news…

Several individuals “locked on” and glued themselves to the road surface...

Yes, the ‘Just Stop Oil’ jerks…

Six Weeks? Self-Righteous Arrogance Merits More! 

…anti-social scum, at it again!
No more soft sentencing.


…this time in the heart of London, winning hearts and minds – yeah, right! – for their conscienceless crank cause.

Bravo, to one driver.

 “My missus is not well, mate. She needs to get to the hospital. Get out of the f******* way, mmate.”

Who would blame any member of the public who gave these scum a sound thrashing?

And BTW.

…specialist officers were required to attend to carry out de-bonding.

No More De-Bonding!

Just haul them off, and if the road remains tainted with strips of scum-skin, so be it!