Belfast – No Terror-Vermin Pix In City Hall, Please!

Who could disagree with Ron McDowell, of TUV North Belfast?

“The inclusion of convicted IRA terrorist Bobby Sands in a portrait of former Sinn Fein mayor Danny Baker is a gross insult to the many victims of Republican terrorism not just in Belfast but across Northern Ireland. Sands has no electoral connection to Belfast having, sadly, been elected in Fermanagh and South Tyrone in a result which poisoned community relations for generations.
“Sands’s only contribution to life in Belfast was to bomb a furniture company.”
We have noticed this phenomenon before, people desperate to promote the terrorist brute as some kind of ‘hero,’ or even worse, ‘martyr…’

.Not only was  the ‘hunger-striker’ Bobby Sands, who defied his own church’s doctrines by suiciding in the 1980s, glorified (on the ”teacher’s” coffee cup) but also offensive IRA cards from “Free Derry.”

Scottish ‘Treason Teacher’ Cover-Up! Expose The Cur! 

I don’t know what came of that, but this sickening campaign continues, clearly, in Belfast City Hall! 


“The contempt for those who suffered is nauseating, compounded by the fact that hard-pressed ratepayers have had to fit the bill.
“The portrait is unfit for display in City Hall where the job of the Lord Mayor is to represent all. It should be removed from display and the bill for painting it should be paid by Sinn Fein…”.