‘Black History All Year Round?’

Nana Oguntola, of Milton Keynes, arrived in the UK from Gambia a while back and is quite determined that “we should have black history all year round…


 ..which I absolutely agree with.”

But do most MK people?

“…however we’re not there yet..”

And of course EVERYONE in Milton Keynes, perhaps prudently, given our previous reports from that municipality…

Or so you’d think from the creepy BBC bias channel!



With exquisite lack of diversity (of opinion) the tax-funded broadcasters don’t give ANY dissenters to this racialising of British history ANY voice at all.


So much for ‘inclusion!’

UK Pravda reports Nana’s race-obsessed view that “we’ve been given a platform that is Black History Month..”


And doesn’t say by whom.  Presumably by dollops of dough from the public purse?

Last word to Nana.

If we lose Black History Month we’ve got nothing.”

Hell, no, last word to the blogger!

Interesting, that use of  ‘we,’ indicating that she sees herself through the prism of ethnicity, though what would BBC make of Milton Keynes folks who might dare to speak up for a ‘White History Month?’

Probably UK Pravda would be as indulgent towards those as that obnoxious top cop in Avon.

See the source image

Avon and Somerset Police    Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White

Well  ‘we’ might have good old British history taught in British schools.