BBC ‘Black History’ Band Plays On!

‘Who Does This Blackman Think She Is?’


That was my initial idea for a headline, but Malorie Blackman is merely another member of the BBC’s chorus line…



…another ranter calling for ‘year-round black history’ in British schools.

As arrogant as that uppity Nana from Gambia, currently located in Milton Keynes….

‘Black History All Year Round?’ 

Blackman acknowledges ‘progress’ in the racialisation of the curriculum, ‘but there remained room for improvement.’

Blackman’s a veteran in the war for multicultification…

….or, as UK Pravda puts it, ‘has played a significant role in diversifying children’s literature over the past 30 years, exploring race and identity issues.’

Patriotic people might think that patriotic should do less ‘diversifying‘ and more unifying, to ensure little black children in British schools identify as little British children…



…proud of the British imperial heritage, an achievement without which…



….their parents or grandparents would likely not have ended up in Britain!


While it’s not always fair to judge people by the company they keep, we need also note that Blackman’s ‘new memoir has been published through the rapper Stormzy’s brand…’


Or rather, ugh!

BBC Affronts Tax-Payers AGAIN – Exalts Leftist Grime Gremlin! 

Oh Well, That’s It, Then! Gotta Be Labour

…yes, that ‘Stormzy,’ whose previously mentioned video – ‘tackling the troubled times we live in!’ – was about…

‘…people banding together to fight an oppressive regime….set in London, in the near future.’

Ugh…and ugh again – read this..

But ignoring that bad man, back to Blackman.

We still need more books from the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, working-class authors and books from and about neuro-divergent children,” she said.

Skip neuro-divergence.
I’m sure all of us just can’t wait…

“Travellers’ Culture?” How Dare They?


Tonnes of rubbish dumped next to a children’s playground 

A similar incident happened in Tooting Common last month when several tonnes of rubbish were left behind.

….for books about disrespecting and trashing public and private property.