Tell 'Privilege Style' – Grow A Set!

But after an email campaign by torture survivors and refugee organisations, Privilege Style has said it will no longer operate flights to Rwanda.

Well, if this lot buckled to that lot, how about sending a LOT of emails…


Privilege Style

Tel: +34971408985 + 34 971 408 900
Instagram: @privilegestyle_airlines
Address: Edificio A, Complejo Mirall Balear, Camí de Son Fangos, 100, 07007 Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain

Parent company

The Empty Leg Group:

Empty Leg Spain
Phone: +34 971 607 280

…with a clear message, that, although the UK government’s proposal to send some Channel crimmigrant fakers to Rwanda is not nearly comprehensive enough..


Every primitive parasite should be deported


….any company shown to be unwilling to help get undesirable aliens OUT of the UK…

…will be shamed, scorned and face whatever sanctions it’s within patriots’ power to impose.


From what I can gather, that company runs its business to cater to well-off. Why, may ask, were the Tories looking to use fancy planes for fakers?

Far better manacle the bums and load them aboard sturdy RAF aircraft…

…assuming Woko Wallace didn’t veto that option?

Stop Ben Wallace Wokifying HM Forces!