Oz Memo To UN’s Aisha – Glass Houses!

What an insolent bint, that Aisha Shujune Muhammad, who seems to think that being a UN flunkey….


Maldivian Aisha Shujune Muhammad.


…confers a right to roam other people’s countries as she pleases, ranting about ‘rights!’.

Thwarted in her sticky-beaking gallivanting around Australian prisons…



..she’s now suspended her UN jaunt, blaming ‘limited understanding’ on the part of New South Wales and Queensland of her SPT (‘subcommittee on the prevention of torture‘ ) ‘mandate.’


And they’re accusing Australia of a ‘clear breach of human rights obligations?’

This is not a decision that the SPT has taken lightly.”

Oh, wow, seriously?

Aisha and her three UN fellow-flunkeys must have thought about it for minutes and minutes!

But how agreeable to read NSW Corrections Minister Geoff Lee’s robust riposte!

“The whole role of our jail system is to keep people safe, protect us from the criminals that we lock up every day…


Geoff Lee

“It’s not to allow people just to wander through at their leisure. [The UN] should be off to Iran looking for human rights violations there.” https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/oct/23/un-accuses-australia-of-clear-breach-of-human-rights-obligations-as-it-suspends-tour-of-detention-facilities

Well said, Mr. Lee.

And you might have added Uppity Aisha’s homeland, The Maldives, to your mention of Iran.



The constitution guarantees freedom of expression so long as it is exercised in a manner that is “not contrary to any tenet of Islam,” a vague condition that encourages self-censorship in the media.

State-run media and regulatory bodies, especially the Maldives Broadcasting Commission (MBC), have typically displayed bias in favor of the government and restricted coverage of the opposition.

Journalists continue to face the threat of violence in reprisal for their work, particularly by Islamist militants…



Freedom of religion is severely restricted.

Islam is the state religion, and all citizens are required to be Muslims.

Imams must use government-approved sermons.

Non-Muslim foreigners are allowed to observe their religions only in private.

Aussies should send Awful Aisha a simple message.


Go home and fight REAL rights battles in the sectarian swamp you oozed out of!