BBC’s Sickening Breakfast Special

I do understand that time-zones mean Brits are going to bed when I’m preparing to face a new day in The Tropics..

…but even so.

Probably Brits were asleep for the BBC World News I was subjected to, as I supped my second black coffee at 8am…



…and lucky Brits they were, for in amongst the real news, UK Pravda felt it seemly to give several minutes of prime-time tv to a pack of perverts in absurd costumes, described by gushing BBC commentators, both on the spot – where Wendy Urquhart let various oddities voice their joy – and in the studio.

So much fun,’ said Gareth Barlow…

…as a ‘High-Heeled Drag Queen Race’ in the USA.

From the Mayor’s Office:

“Join Mayor Muriel Bowser to celebrate DC’s LGBTQ+ community at the 35th Annual 17th Street High Heel Race!



Oh, THAT Mayor Bowser! Funeral Discrimination – In Ulster, Terror Scum – In USA? Democrats! 

But back to BBC.

Dashing through the streets of Washington, to honour the LGBT community!

Those were other words, gleefully spoken by this morning’s BBC hack, Gareth Barlow –their Singapore anchor, Ms. Oi, also showed grinning enthusiasm. 

We know the BBC is infested with queers…

Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers.

…but if they seriously felt the need to include this nauseatng spectacle as a ‘news’ item, could they not at least have shown just a little self-restraint, report its bizarre character  as they would a three-headed pigeon….

….rather than cover the Thing-Run with no effort at all to conceal their enthusiasm.