Nobel Nasties Again Scorn Democracy

Although we have previously had to report similar disdain for democracy on the part of the stuck-ups who dish out those Nobel Prizes..

Nobel Hog-Trough Closed To Patriots? Lucky Patriots!


… had hoped the renewed, in fact increased, support from Swedish voters for rhe Sweden Democrat patriot party might have given the Nobel elitists pause for thought.

But unfortunately not.

...the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, which became the country’s second biggest party in last month’s election, are not welcome at the Nobel banquet, the Nobel Foundation said on Tuesday.


Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get  Green Light

Do those Nobel clowns ever spare a thought for the many Swedish women and girls brutally violated by migrant scum?

Probably they’re too preoccupied with to whom they’ll be donating their ”prizes!”

Must be hard to find winners as worthless as themselves.


Obama got his before he’d even done anything as president!

And as for Colombia’s Santos?

Despise Democracy, Win A Prize – Nauseating Nobel Nonsense

Hell, who’d want to sit round the same table as the pinko creeps of the Nobel Foundation?