Maybe Send Rudd To Rwanda?

Remember that highly forgettable pinko creep ‘conservative’ Amber Rudd…



‘Children,’ according to Amber Rudd

.Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out!

…who went so far left that she finally, after disgracing herself so badly that she had to quit as Home Secretary ( one of the worst ever, apart from maybe Theresa May!)..


Official portrait of Amber Rudd crop 2.jpg

Rudd the Ranter

..and then quit the Tory Party too?

Well, for some reason she got invited onto the normally quite perspicacious GB News, where she vented volubly, ranting that plans to despatch a pack of crimmigrants to Rwanda were “brutal” and “impractical…”..

Rabid Rudd even took a side-swipe at the current Home Secretary, describing as “extraordinary” how the patriotic Suella Braverman…

  • whom patriots of all parties admire…

Suella Braverman  Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

…and whom the Enemy Within has long been out to get –

…had proclaimed her “dream” to see a plane take off for Rwanda.

If only a hundred planes packed with ‘asylum’ parasites…


…were taking off daily!

Rudd should shut her gabbling gob!

Her own term at the Home Office was no dream but a nightmare for decent Brits who had to watch sturdy young aliens..


Another of Amber’s ‘children!’


…clearly of an age to bear arms, welcomed as ‘children.’

However, while researching her career, I did come across something (almost) to her credit!

It seems she called the repulsive Diane Abbott….


…..yes, Corbyn’s fat ex…


…a ‘coloured woman!’

Which, of course, Abbott is.

But Abbott freaked out, stamped her dainty trotter, threw a tantrum…because…

Wait for it…

Rudd didn’t call her a ‘woman of colour!’


But alas, instead of telling the Labour shrew to grow up, Rudd backed down.

No grit!