Wow! BBC Own Up!

Only on my second coffee, 9.15am, Jakarta time, and had earlier heard some geezer ranting about our meat supplies and Brazilian deforestation…



The silly Beeb blonde bint, Lucy Gray, was sycophantic, no challenge, as various companies were named.

Then, as I was in mid-gulp of my third caffeine fix…


…suddenly there was Blondie, looking not very unchastened, I have to say…



…telling us that, in their earlier session, NONE of the accused companies had been represented…


…but one of them had since been in touch, to say they were not ‘guilty’ as suggested.

WHY had BBC not invited any dissenting voice?.

Blondie didn’t look notably contrite over this typical UK Pravda stunt.

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Easy solution?

Don’t have only one side of an argument on as your guest!