BBC Hack Told Off – Bravo, Kari!

Note well the name of John Sudworth…



…and savour his impartial, typically BBC, approach, as today, when he described a ‘far right‘ election challenger’s call to fight back as ‘inflammatory…’

…though I have yet to hear him, or any UK Pravda reporter, describe any Democrat’s drivel as ‘far left’ or ‘inflammatory.’



The BBC hack got a nice bit of welcome push-back from the rather nifty Kari Lake…

Arizona Republican Kari Lake 


…, who may, in a week or so, become Governor of Arizona..


..told him off good and proper.

It’ll be on often today, I hope.

Try to watch UK Pravda’s bulletins

Kari could have gone through SO many examples of BBC bias…

BBC’s Dateline Trumpophobes Yelp Again! 


.‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ -BBC 

…but then BBC would make sure THAT was excluded from your screen.