‘Asylum’ Savages Amok Again!

Breaking News!

Lying alien swine gate-crash somebody else’s country, then belly-ache…



…because the free board and lodgings they get aren’t  up to expectations?

Now they run amok?


Police at Harmondsworth immigration removal centre

Police at Harmondsworth immigration removal centre, West London


There were no armed security guards at the scene?


...a group of detainees left their rooms and went out into the courtyard area armed with various weaponry, according to a claim earlier made by the Home Office… https://news.sky.com/story/disturbance-at-immigration-removal-centre-following-power-outage-1273872


These savages should have been shot down like dogs!

Since that didn’t happen, no further delays!



Preferably in chains, after a sound thrashing!