‘Asylum’ Hilton – BBC Bottles Out Again


When people use the word ‘Hilton’ in respect ol accommodation, it’s often in a slang sort of way, to make a point about how costly and classy a place may be.



But the latest  news on Home Office imposition of fake ‘refugees’ on unwilling and defenceless communities reveals that this time it’s a REAL Hilton..


The front of the Hilton Garden Inn, Dolgarrog
 Hilton Garden Inn

And, once more…

Latest ‘Asylum’ Parasite Hotel – BBC Cover-Up! 

…UK Pravda is engaged in a cover-up in a matter of clear and urgent public interest…

…BBC’s refusing to reveal which hotel!

Thanks to more responsible media, local people are now aware of what’s being done to their picturesque area .

There is huge public outrage.

The local Tory MP, Robin Miller, says –

 I am concerned about the suitability of this property, in this location, for this purpose. It is a hotel not a detention centre.. ”  https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/luxury-snowdonia-hilton-hotel-being-25450938

Encouraging, maybe, that he realises a ‘detention centre’ is what’s needed for illegal immigrants?



He has called on Jellyfish Jenrick …

Jellyfish Jenrick Has To Go! 

…to come clean on these dirty deals ‘civil servants’ have been doing behind closed doors..


The Home Office said hotels provided a short-term, safe solution.


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Safe for whom?

BBC Wales is not naming the hotel for safeguarding reasons.


PS If Brits want honest reporting  as opposed to BBC’s pro-crimmigrant BS, watch GB News, of which this..
.. is a sample  Note the naming of the hotel in this similar case.