“Ali Has Travelled To France & Germany!”

Mr Ali has travelled to France and Germany, and finally came to Nottingham in June..’ https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/asylum-seekers-nottingham-hotel-open

If you or I had been to France or Germany and wished to travel to Nottingham, in Merry England…

…we would have to present our passports at an Immigration Desk ( along with any visas etc. required, if we were aliens)…

…wouldn’t we?

Yet the eager Nottingham Post hacks make no mention of his answers to such a question,  very possibly because no such key question was asked!

Odd, yes?

And he’s now lodged free of charge ( except to you UK tax-payers!) in the city’s Britannia Hotel…



..telling scary yarns which the media hacks make no attempt to verify….


….because, perhaps, there’s no proof available!


Ali says-

Nottingham is better than Germany…’

But are conditions in Germany so frightful that those who arrive from there…..



( via obviously equally Frightful France)


…can seriously be classified by the Tory government as ‘refugees?’