Freak Fan Unfired, Where Now, Writers?

I see from the Guardian that the notorious pro-transfreak fan Joanne  Harris, whom we discussed a while ago…

Society of Authors Needs UDM Uprising?

..when there was talk of resistance…

Society of Authors head faces mutiny for failing to condemn JK Rowling death threats..

…but the effort fizzled out – has held onto her position, by 608 votes to 143.

That bad news is disappointing in itself…



….but far worse when you realise that the society has some TWELVE THOUSAND members.

Thus, albeit a number of principled writers did their best, if my arithmetical skills are not awry, some 90% of British writers don’t care enough to show up and clean up their ‘representative’ body.

Which is all the more reprehensible when we learn that a ..

‘…second resolution before the AGM called on the society to review “how to pursue its stated aim ‘to protect free speech’” and “how best to protect the fundamental right of all authors to express themselves freely within the law…” was also comprehensively defeated..’

Sickening results, but then ‘intellectuals’ are not always known for their commitment to traditional values.

But how sick British society has become.

I touched on the UDM in that previous post…


police orgreave

Officer Down! NUM bootboys attack a fallen cop


…,the decent miners, who broke with Scargill, disgusted with the NUM goon-squads.

Interesting to see if the dissident writers will show the same grit.