Pronoun Puke Disses Its Dad’s Funeral!

Pronoun Pukes are ipso facto in need of some form of psychotherapy…


….but some are so far sunk down the mental health sewer that one has to reflect on arguments for euthanasia…..



I refer to a thing calling itself ‘Saga…’

( not just a deviant but a racist, a self-styled ‘Black Supremacist’ )

…whose father died, prompting The Thing to besmirch the funeral with a bilious outburst, extract below –

What you are is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, Trump-loving, cis, straight white man,” Saga told a crowded auditorium in a video captioned, “POV: you’re in the audience watching me refuse to sing the praises of a s*** person at their funeral…’


Frankly, I wouln’t have believed even a pronoun puke could be so contemptible.. .



….but the source of the news, not one I usually use, but sent to me by a reader, seems in this case to be totally accurate.

True New Media