Sky News Scrapes Bottom Of Bias Barrel

That UK tv channel we have found interesting news in,  from time to time…



…has really and truly scraped the bottom ( unfortunate word, given the issue!) of the barrel, with a totally misleading intro to their ‘report’ on those gutless soccer ‘stars.’


Fans have voiced their anger after England and Wales said their captains would not wear OneLove armbands at the World Cup in Qatar because they could face an instant yellow card for doing so.


Such true grit, those England kneel-creep notables!



Talk about standing up for their principles!


Spineless Wonders



The yellow-bellies ran up the white flag at a mere flash of a yellow card!

Harry Kane One Love armband cleared pic via Thomas Driscoll
Harry Kane now won’t wear his pro-perv badge

But the hell with pro-homo footie dorks of whatever nationality.

How dare Sky News babble about how ‘fans have voiced their anger?

Like, uh, how many fans?

Well, TWO, actually.

Out of only four they spoke to!



Is it utterly impossible for certain UK media to discuss any news related to perversion without spin or slant?